Posted by: mdipaddlers | June 5, 2012

Let’s hope for good weather this Saturday

I will post the trip by Friday noon.

Bill Weir

Posted by: mdipaddlers | June 1, 2009


MDI Paddlers Join MITA

MDI Paddlers Join MITA

Posted by: mdipaddlers | May 24, 2009

Easier than E-Mail!!!

1:  make this a favorite/bookmark:  

2: read the description of our next paddle

3: write your response in the box below (if you are 1st to respond click “no comments yet”)

4: and “submit”

This allows us all to be on the same page and see who is coming.  Simple!

You might want to recheck this blog the night before a paddle to see if there are any last minute changes and to view who else will be coming.